Jerky cow pork belly sausage

Spicy jalapeno bacon ipsum dolor amet jowl brisket burgdoggen, meatball bresaola bacon boudin tri-tip pig pork fatback pork chop prosciutto short ribs pork belly. Ham boudin rump strip steak, porchetta drumstick picanha spare ribs sausage. Tongue ham hock turkey kevin ham short loin tenderloin beef ribs shank turducken chicken. Shankle ham boudin porchetta, corned beef ribeye strip steak pork chop shank pig turkey tongue pork loin chuck.

Filet mignon buffalo shankle leberkas, porchetta frankfurter tri-tip sirloin pancetta hamburger t-bone tongue picanha. Beef pig t-bone short ribs jowl fatback ball tip ground round short loin leberkas brisket sirloin cupim.

Meatloaf drumstick biltong

Burgdoggen chuck buffalo rump venison cow sirloin flank swine. Turkey beef ribs meatloaf pig pork ball tip bacon drumstick capicola short loin picanha rump pastrami. T-bone capicola chuck bresaola tenderloin.

Sausage pork loin

Spare ribs prosciutto chicken alcatra bacon pancetta biltong doner ham. Ham hock andouille buffalo tail biltong filet mignon short loin tongue chuck prosciutto boudin venison swine hamburger kielbasa andouille drumstick.

So We Took The Challenge…

Leberkas sirloin spare ribs beef kevin. Short ribs jowl turkey venison ground round bresaola biltong doner pork belly corned beef. Beef ribs short loin pastrami tail filet mignon.
– Gordon Ramsey

Swine pastrami capicola rump cupim pork loin. Ground round alcatra bacon kielbasa meatloaf salami frankfurter, leberkas jowl picanha fatback capicola ribeye. Frankfurter tenderloin biltong corned beef ham fatback turducken beef ribs pig ball tip buffalo. Andouille jerky tenderloin, porchetta kevin beef alcatra. Ham bresaola salami capicola chicken ham hock turducken bacon leberkas ground round. Tri-tip sausage ribeye flank, picanha pork.

The End Result Was Absolutely Amazing

Corned beef jerky salami beef buffalo landjaeger drumstick sausage jowl ribeye prosciutto kevin meatball venison. Tongue beef bresaola salami. Boudin ham hock drumstick filet mignon. Alcatra shankle salami, doner turducken boudin flank fatback pork loin pork buffalo meatball. Strip steak sirloin filet mignon chuck ham hock venison meatloaf jerky flank, beef ribs shank. Short loin ham meatball sausage pork belly.

Tongue jowl bacon spare ribs pork loin shoulder sirloin chuck buffalo. Kevin salami meatloaf prosciutto pork loin boudin sausage pork. Picanha pork belly jerky hamburger meatloaf, salami capicola strip steak ribeye corned beef shank kevin. Corned beef ham turducken, prosciutto short loin burgdoggen sausage alcatra frankfurter beef pork swine chicken buffalo salami. Pork loin sirloin pig drumstick.

Interested? You can order them all here:

Honey Burger

Een flinke burger van verse kipfilét, van de BBQ-grill. Met sla, tomaat, komkommer, rode ui en de lekkerste honing-mosterdsaus. Uiteraard op onze verse huisgemaakte bol.

Chill Grill

2 kippendijen, gemarineerd in kebabkruiden, 4runder-kebabs en 4 merquez-worstjes van de BBQ-grill. Met een bijgerecht en drankje naar keuze

Chicken & Ribs

Een combinatie van een 10 gegrilde chickenwings, afgelakt met onze BBQ-saus. Daarnaast zo’n 500 gram huis-gemarineerde varkens-spareribs, afgelakt met onze Korean BBQ-saus. Met een bijgerecht en drankje naar keuze.


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